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Who else knows Bitcoin (BTC) better than its most fervent detractors? While many analysts are struggling to pinpoint the peak BTC will reach during this bullish rally, Peter Schiff has clairvoyance and had no difficulty determining Bitcoin’s new all-time high.


Still missing: silence is golden

January 4, 2021, Bitcoin was trading above $ 34,000, attracting attention from mainstream media such as Financial Times.

For Peter Schiff, Bitcoin reached its peak. He would have done better (again) to be silent because, Bitcoin has greatly exceeded that level since.

Schiffwhich is no longer to present for seasoned cryptophiles – is a strong supporter of gold, calling it Bitcoin bubble, pyramid scam.

He is convinced that the holders of Bitcoin are forced to convince other people to buy BTC so that the latter can continue its bullish trajectory.

Do we overestimate the stupidities of Peter Schiff?

Recent tweets from Peter Schiff have some analysts believe that Mr. “I only live for gold” could be about to reconsider his position on Bitcoin.


Some think that Schiff is in fact a (ardent) defender of Bitcoin who claims to be a supporter of gold.

His last tweet of December 31, 2020 is one of the most positive he has ever made on Bitcoin : Schiff acknowledged that Bitcoin’s performance was far superior to gold’s modest gains in 2020.

However, he continues to argue that as a safe haven the 2 assets have nothing in common.

He compared the performance of Bitcoin to those of You’re here, Whose value has been multiplied by 7 – which has also allowed Elon musk to get ahead Jeff Bezos – and concluded that those who wish to speculate (or bet) have better chances with You’re here.


The new favorite game of Bitcoin haters now is to watch Bitcoin peak during this bullish rally, and bring it back on Twitter as soon as the BTC price corrects. Bitcoiners are content to buy Bitcoin, with every dip now being synonymous with a buying opportunity that should not be missed. Peter Schiff will admit to being a double agent in the service of Bitcoin when the price of the latter exceeds that of a kilo of gold. History is written by the winners, so you better be on their side.


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