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RankingThese are Germany’s largest family businesses

Germany is a family business economy. The 1000 largest of them generated a total of 1.95 trillion euros in annual sales in 2019, as calculated by the “Die deutsche Wirtschaft” platform. The 5000 largest family businesses had a total turnover of 2.4 billion euros. To put it into perspective: Germany’s gross domestic product amounted to 3.4 trillion euros in 2019.

Largest family business

Every year, “Die deutsche Wirtschaft” compiles a ranking list of the family businesses with the highest turnover in Germany. Over three million companies are therefore owned by entrepreneurial families. According to the analysis, 260 of them achieved a turnover of at least 1 billion euros in 2019. At least 258 million euros were required to enter the Top 1000. The top 1000 family businesses create 7.8 million jobs worldwide, according to the report. 63 percent of the companies are in industry, almost 20 percent each in trade and services.

That was the picture before the Corona crisis. How massively family businesses will be hit by the consequences of the pandemic will be shown in the next balance sheet figures. At the moment, however, the following still applies: These are the largest family businesses in Germany.


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