Moderna share: Liberation beckons for the vaccine title – chart analysis

A quick technical look at the Moderna share, which yesterday showed light and shadow on the NASDAQ. At the end of the trade it was down 1.01 percent to $ 115.09, although it had looked significantly better in the meantime. With a daily high of 122.82 dollars, the biotech stock was able to move up well above a resistance level between 114.86 / 115.00 dollars and 116.25 dollars and also overcome the daily high of December 30, 2020 at 118.94 dollars . #

But the setback followed promptly. The trigger was the failed attempt to break the technical chart resistance zone at 122.72 / 123.00 dollars, which we already mentioned the day before yesterday as one of the key milestones. While this mark was confirmed as an obstacle for the Moderna share, the biotech share was able to collect support in a zone above 112.13 dollars during the day and swivel upwards here. Current indications for the Moderna share, which are still limited meaningful, are up on Friday.

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