Giga Factory applicants complain – “really unprofessional”

Tesla is looking for employees for its new factory near Berlin – 7,000 by summer. But applicants are apparently extremely frustrated.

Working for Elon Musk in the new Giga-Factory near Berlin: For many people it sounds like a dream job. Good pay and a boss who is considered one of the most important men in the age of the electric car. Musk plans to employ a total of 12,000 employees, 7,000 of them by next summer.

But applying for a job at the Tesla factory is probably very depressing. Many applicants report their frustration on the Kununu job evaluation site.

Many users say there that they have not received any feedback from Tesla for weeks – even if they have already been in contact with the company. Even a rejection would not come. “Really unprofessional”, judges one user.

Application process “not for the faint of heart”

Another user wrote in December that he applied to the Giga-Factory in September and has not yet received any feedback. He criticizes that this is “far from any professionalism” and “quite embarrassing”.

Another noted that Tesla managers should be kinder and less arrogant. The application process is also very complicated – “no reason for eight interviews, we are not applying for the US Congress or Paradise”. Another user adds: “Not for the faint of heart”.

But even if you get a job at Tesla: The demands on the employees apparently remain very high. Many who worked at other Tesla locations in Germany report on the portal that there is a lot of work pressure, but also of managers who would take advantage of their positions.

According to Jochem Freyer, head of the Frankfurt an der Oder employment agency, the payment is a “cracker”. The lowest wage group in Musk’s Giga-Factory will earn around 2,700 euros gross – “including unskilled unemployed”, Freyer already revealed to the “Handelsblatt” in November. With relevant vocational training, “it starts at around EUR 3,500 gross monthly salary,” says Freyer.


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