CureVac share: heading back towards all-time high after Bayer deal? – Chart analysis

The Bayer deal yesterday brought plenty of momentum to the CureVac share. At the beginning of trading, the US technology exchange NASDAQ went up to $ 104.30. A subsequent setback to $ 96.12 was eventually largely offset, and after an interim high of $ 103.49 / $ 193.60, CureVac’s shares closed at $ 101.19. There is currently a clearly positive trend for the biotech share.

In terms of the chart, the situation for the CureVac share has not only changed due to the Bayer deals for the COVID-19 vaccine, which is still in development clearly improved. After the temporary slide from the all-time high of $ 151.80 to $ 79.10 at the beginning of 2021, price rallies and the first technical buy signals were seen. In the meantime, CureVac’s share price has managed to stabilize well above initial obstacles such as $ 84.95 / $ 86.70 and $ 93.02 / $ 93.60.


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