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Proud holders of BNB, BUSD and BTC, in this beautiful year 2021, Binance is launching a new Launchpool for you! The spotlight is currently all focused on Bitcoin (BTC), so it was normal to have a project based on it and more particularly on its mining part.


How do I receive my BTCST?

You just need to deposit your BNB, BUSD or BTC in the pools provided for this purpose from January 8, 2021, 1 a.m., French time. Farming will continue on the next 30 days, but of course you are free to withdraw your funds at any time.

With BTCST, Bitcoin mining is tokenized

Maybe you’ve watched mining and thought you’d like to get started. You caught yourself dream of creating the next block of the Bitcoin blockchain and getting a piece of the big yellow cake, by simply leaving an Asics or a graphics card running. Unfortunately, when you became interested in the sector, you became aware of the necessary equipment and especially that the electricity bill would be steep… So naturally you turned to Cloud Mining, but between the scam-scam and the low-yielding offers, you were not satisfied. This dream of contributing to the largest decentralized network in the world has never left you. Binance as the second largest Bitcoin mining pool in the world now comes to us with BTCST.

The Bitcoin Standard Hashrate Token, or BTCST for close friends is a token representing part of the computing power of the Bitcoin blockchain. Indeed, 1 BTCST is equivalent to 0.1 TH / s. In addition to providing liquidity to mining by offering a whole new market for miners, this token will open up the mining sector to as many people as possible. How? ‘Or’ What ? Quite simply thanks to stake to mine.

The stake to mine allows you to stack your BTCST tokens to claim back the mining rewards that you would have gotten with such computing power if you were a miner. So here we have the birth of a form of cloud mining taking advantage of tokenization while being backed by Binance. To you joys of mining without its drawbacks !

When to buy or sell my BTCST?


From the January 13, 7 a.m., French time in Binance’s Innovation Zone. Without surprises, the trading pairs will be as follows: BTCST / BTC, BTCST / BUSD and BTCST / USDT.

DeFi, smart contracts, mining, Binance continues to set up and advance projects affecting the ecosystem as a whole. In 2021, the year it seems of the adoption, will the yellow and black dragon still surprise us? This is what we will see …


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