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BTC / USD fetched a new all-time high in the wake of the US parliament’s take. We have crossed the $ 38,000 mark. The global capitalization of cryptocurrencies has even exceeded $ 1 trillion. Next goal: a capitalization of $ 1 trillion for Bitcoin (BTC) alone.


The Battle of Capitol Hill

capitol hill January 06, 2020
US MPs during Biden’s victory certification vote

BTC came in strong as Trump supporters burst into parliament. MPs were in the process of certifying the US presidential election state by state. Democrats secured the Senate majority thanks to the vote that took place hours earlier in Georgia. BTC / USD jumped from $ 34,500 to $ 36,000 in an hour after the Capitol infiltrated.

Capitol under siege

The stateless and decentralized currency Bitcoin therefore seems to shine when it becomes clear that trust in institutions is crumbling. That trust was shattered in Washington when Congress had to take refuge in the Bunker while the Pentagon refused to deploy the National Guard.

Bitcoin is not only a protection against inflation but also against chaos … The instability of the United States, the country of the international reserve currency, is not unrelated to the $ 21,000 raked in in 21 days by BTC …

Wall Street is backing down

It is also interesting to note that Bitcoin appreciated in parallel with a slight decline in the NASDAQ, where Big Tech is listed (GAFAM, Intel, Comcast, Cisco, Pepsico and Adobe represent more than 50% of the index. ).

By winning the Senate, Joe Biden could implement his policy and in particular an increase in the taxation of the profits of multinationals. Finally, the promises of politicians …

This expected loss in dividends caused the index to fall slightly, which by and large remained unmoved despite this historic invasion of the Capitol. The S&P 500 even continued its ascent. It’s like Wall Street is signaling that whoever the tenant of the White House is. As long as they have their man at the FED …

And the FED?

The US central bank yesterday released its “minutes”. We can read there that she will continue to print whatever it takes (to levy the stock market) …



Cryptoassets are highly volatile unregulated investment products. No EU investor protection. Your capital is at risk.

These money trucks are the inflation of tomorrow. More and more people are understanding this and it is for this reason that the $ 1,200 check given to Americans earlier this year is now worth more than $ 6,000 (if it had immediately been exchanged for Bitcoin). Or + 400% …

According to Bloomberg, the minutes make it clear that the Fed plans to largely ignore the surge in inflation in 2021:

“Regarding inflation, participants generally considered that the risks have become more balanced than they were at the beginning of the year, although most of them still consider that the risk is rather in favor of lower inflation ”.

FED minutes January 06

This all comes along with the fact that Atlanta Fed Chairman Raphael Bostic has said the central bank may cut its bond purchases later in the year if vaccine distribution improves the outlook. economic affairs of the United States.

Spoiler: The Fed will never stop printing …

Realize that the dollar’s purchasing power has lost more than 50% in two decades. And again, this figure takes into account the official inflation index which reflects everything except true ambient inflation.

In short, Bitcoin has appreciated by $ 4,000 in one day, compared to less than that less than a year ago. Bitcoin now surpasses the monetary base (M1) of the Swiss Franc and is worth almost as much as the Korean Won or the Canadian dollar.


Cryptoassets are highly volatile unregulated investment products. No EU investor protection. Your capital is at risk.

M1 dollar
M1 dollar


It already represents 9% of the M1 money supply of the US dollar. A money supply that has also increased by more than 300% since the creation of Bitcoin … In other words, 75% of the dollars created by the FED were created after the creation of Bitcoin. Everything is fine for Bitcoin, which looks more and more like a lighthouse in the night.

  • BTC / USD weekly chart (one candle = one week)
btc usd
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