BioNTech share: That looks good!

In the last few days we have repeatedly pointed out the opportunities for a turnaround in the BioNTech share following the recent price losses. That seems to be developing into a hit. The first important buy signals from the chart are perfect and have shaped the last few days. So far this has resulted in an upward movement for BioNTech’s share price on the US technology exchange NASDAQ from $ 80.55 to yesterday’s peak of $ 94.79. After the biotech stock went out of trading in the US yesterday at $ 93.69, there are currently signs of higher prices – not least because of one new COVID-19 vaccine deal with the European Union.

In terms of chart technology, this could add further buy signals for the shares of the Mainz-based company. Most recently, the stock was initially at $ 84.85 / $ 85.50 and between $ 88.13 / 88.26 and the two daily highs of $ 88.13 / 88.98. 4th and 5th of January stable technical buy signals reached. Yesterday, BioNTech’s share price clearly confirmed the previous breakout over the barrier at $ 90.89: the biotech share rebounded from the daily low of $ 91.01 and did not go far below yesterday’s high at $ 93.69 $ 94.79 from trade.

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