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Laughter would be the best medicine, so if the pharmaceutical industry brews billions of dollars every year, there is no reason not to value the work of a comedian – only the good, not the bad.
One Reddit user (MOON) made almost $ 24,000 entertaining the community. And no, this is not a joke!


We would almost laugh about it

A user of Reddit claims to have earned $ 24,000 in one year from Moon, the native token of the site.

Reddit made an initial distribution of the token ERC-20 in May 2020, as a reward for posts published on the subredditr / Cryptocurrency.

50 million Moons were shared based on the karma earned by each user.

In a post published on Reddit December 27, 2020, Cryptorich13 said he got 80,000 Moons.

He claims to have published many posts without real interest, mostly memes or jokes.

To the Moon with Bitcoin

He would then have exchanged his tokens Moon against Bitcoins (BTC), via the testnetRinkeby and the protocol Honeyswap.

The tokens allowed him to obtain approximately 0.92 BTC. Over $ 25,800 at time of post, these BTC were estimated at $ 23,736.

The price of Bitcoin is above $ 31,000 at the time of writing.

Cryptorich13 thanked the crypto community and Reddit, although these gains do not, according to him, cover the losses in Bitcoins that he has suffered since 2017; he says he will keep these Bitcoins until the end of time.


Tokens Moon can be transferred, spent or redeemed through the app Reddit for ios and Android.

The CLOWN token: the crypto that rewards comedians according to the “level of laughter” of its audience. Cryptorich13 got richer by sharing memes and jokes: good for him!
This story shows, however, one of the main dangers associated with the crypto rewards awarded to “successful” content creators: they risk filling social media and the web in general with mind-numbing, yet entertaining content – What about the average IQ of Internet users over the long term?
Will Cryptorich13 continue to implement its strategy, which seems to be paying off, to fill its wallets? The shortest jokes are the best – except when they allow you to earn free Moons and Bitcoins?


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