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Collaboration between Lunu and Laurent Grasso

After having made a superb entry into the crypto market by launching his payment terminal in partnership with the jeweler Courbet a few months ago. Lunu is once again talking about him by announcing a unique initiative that links two sectors which have, in fact, certain similarities. This initiative thus links art and blockchain technology based on major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. During the presentation in the Courbet offices, we had the opportunity to admire the design of LUNU’s futuristic crypto-payment terminals. Today, it is with French artist Laurent Grasso that LUNU has teamed up to deliver a contemporary artistic performance that is the first in a long series.

The t-shirt representing the work of Laurent Grasso in collaboration with Lunu
The limited edition derivative t-shirt in white

The solution Lunu sees technology as an important artistic potential. It is in this context that the Berlin-based start-up created in 2018 decided to launch this project which aims to highlight artists with a focus on technology, science and art. By supporting the art world, Lunu thus wishes to establish its position on the market as an actor who is coming to implement blockchain technology and mainly cryptocurrencies in the real world. All in an elegant and stylish way. We thus find behind Lunu the idea that made the success of a company like Apple. Technology should not just provide a solution for the 5% of geeks on the planet, but technology should be associated with a desirable and tangible object anchored in the real world. Since when did you stop comparing the details of the features of your smartphone before getting one?

Lunu is therefore clearly part of a technological and artistic vision for its payment terminals. Payment in Bitcoin, Ethers or other crypto thus becomes an elegant and desirable act. Gradually moving away from a fringe act performed by a small community of early adopters. Thus, by launching this project, Lunu aims to create each year, in partnership with an artist, a performance that will highlight the artistic side of the global connectivity technology designed by the engineers of the Berlin company.

“Art is at the heart of Lunu’s DNA. The launch of this artistic series helps us share our vision through the power of art. Technology is therefore all the more powerful when it is linked to the creativity and emotions it can provide in the real world. This resonates in people’s minds with much more impact. ” – Vadim Grigoryan, Partner and Marketing Director at Lunu Solutions.

The packaging of Lunu's t-shirt in collaboration with Laurent Grasso
High-end packaging in the image of Lunu and Laurent Grasso

French conceptual artist Laurent Grasso thus created the work “natural connection”. Grasso is a French artist who has gained recognition for his ability to create mysterious atmospheres. His films, sculptures, paintings and photographs have the capacity to immerse the visitor in a context full of uncertainties. After graduating from the Paris School of Fine Arts, he received numerous awards and exhibited all over the world (Paris, Tokyo, Seoul). It is therefore a major player that has chosen Lunu for this first collaboration at the frontiers of art and technology. Two universes that we are going to discover as being closely linked.

Grasso’s work thus represents two trees connected by a fungal network that allows natural elements to exchange vital nutrients such as water, carbon and hydrogen around the world. The design of this illustration was inspired by blockchain technology mapping images provided by Lunu. So, Laurent Grasso represents here the vision of the Lunu brand which is a solution to improve global connectivity around the world based on distributed networks of blockchain technology.

“The financial transactions enabled by the Lunu technology solution represent the same type of energy exchange that can be seen in the artwork“ natural connection ”. Blockchain technology thus makes it possible to add value and open up to a world without borders ”Artem Shaginyan, creator and CEO of Lunu solutions.

By observing more closely the work of Laurent Grasso, we can notice several elements that allow us to better understand the significance of the message behind it. Indeed, two trees are represented, they are each independent, their branches thus rise in the sky freely. At the same time, underground, the two trees are interconnected by a network of roots. What message should be read behind this illustration? Technology is an integral part of the nature around us, it is now fully integrated into our lives.

“From an aesthetic point of view we wanted to keep a scientific aspect in order to illustrate the vision of a network in its biological aspect. This is how technology is really becoming part of our lives and our nature. Technology is not just an extension as we can see with our smartphones, but it also influences the way we organize our lives with technological processes and protocols. ” Laurent Grasso

This artist’s vision allows us to put into perspective the emergence of blockchain technology with the Bitcoin especially. A decentralized technological process that can be compared to the roots of trees around the world. A process a protocol which operates autonomously and which was created to supplement the centralized financial processes which, with hindsight, appeared to be efficient during the 2008 crisis. An inefficiency which can also be linked to a non-functioning mode of operation. natural in the end.

The Lunu payment terminal which allows you to accept cryptocurrency payments.
The Lunu payment terminal is a real design object

As mentioned previously, Lunu carries in its DNA a very strong artistic axis. This is evidenced by their futuristic and designer payment terminals which allow payments in crypto to be made in the physical stores of traders.

In addition, during the presentation of their payment terminal, Lunu solutions had already made an artistic nod in connection with blockchain technology. Indeed, it was possible during this event to participate in an artistic and technological experience. How? ‘Or’ What ? Realizing a transaction on the Ethereum blockchain. If you are familiar with the use of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, Ether … it can now seem like an act that is slowly becoming commonplace. Taking a step back from technology, blockchain has an essential character that makes it a unique artistic tool. This character is the infinite traceability of the transactions carried out. Indeed, once a transaction is made, it is anchored forever in the blockchain. It was with this understanding that Lunu had thus proposed to the participants of the presentation event to engrave in the marble of the blockchain a word for eternity.

Today Grasso’s work “Natural Connection” was printed for a capsule of 1000 t-shirts available in limited edition. The positioning of the work on these t-shirts allows the network of tree roots to appear at the level of the lungs in order to strongly show the vital nature of natural and technological networks in our lives today. From a purely qualitative point of view, the t-shirts are made in the European Union and are 100% cotton. They are available on the Lunu online store. Payments will be made only in cryptocurrencies. If you wish to obtain a representation of Grasso’s work in this way, you will first need to have cryptocurrencies on a wallet. If you are not yet familiar with crypto payments, we advise you to take a look at this article which will guide you through the process of buying cryptocurrency.

In conclusion, we can say that the teams of Lunu Solutions have a unique approach to the crypto and blockchain market. This partnership with artist Laurent Grasso and this collection of t-shirts is the perfect example! Lunu is thus establishing itself a little more in the crypto ecosystem in France, after a partnership with the jeweler Courbet, they recently participated in the Paris Blockchain Week Summit. So, if you still doubted the potential of cryptocurrencies as a means of payment, Lunu Solutions’ past and upcoming announcements may well change your mind. In the meantime we will follow it very closely at Thecointribune and let’s go take a look at the t-shirt collection that promises to be a future collector!


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