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What must have inspired those dancers on that stage in the Cruyff arena to show off in front of 60,000 empty seats? It didn’t affect me much. It felt quite old school. Conceived by the seniors of the last century. What awaits us? When do we get an injection? Will this be possible before the summer, or will the whole of 2021 still be dominated by the virus and will caregivers also remain the heroes of this new year? I complain about my kids who are more skin hungry than I am. I complain to the marketers who did not invest in themselves last year and forgot to take tomorrow’s exit. My generation of old millennials will be fine. Staying at home is not a punishment. Our environment is fully equipped, and the couriers with parcels and fine meals queue up here in the street. We easily adapt to this new era and are not eager to go back out into the pasture like frisky lambs or cows. What does communication mean today. Are we still going to pretend we’re going to return to the way it was? Or do we need to realize that the world has really changed? When I see our politicians shuffling on the corona stage, I certainly hope that in March a new generation will be on the scene that is averse to backroom stuff. As far as I am concerned, generation Z will be in charge. I feel like a change. Prefer not to be business as usual.

What then, I dare not say. Nobody knows. One thing is clear. Being able to switch quickly appears to be a requirement. Not a company can behave like it used to. Recently I had to report to a civil-law notary to sign a power of attorney. A hundred kilometers to and a hundred kilometers back. I could also have turned to a local notary, but opted for this traditional approach. The digital signing apparently does not yet work in this sector.

Because such a thing naturally requires new rates. Those who can switch quickly will go along with the acceleration of this time. Revenue models change.

Cor Molenaar writes in his New Year’s email: “The corona pandemic has fundamentally changed customer behavior. Online buying has now really taken hold, home delivery is almost normal and customers are critical of what and where they buy. This is the markup for 2021, post-corona. The new customer behavior is the basis for retail (online and offline); supply chains are changing, so that providers and brands can also start selling directly with the elimination of traditional service providers such as wholesalers or retailers. Finally, there will also be a further application of Machine Learning such as smart clustering and algorithms. The path to the end customer becomes shorter, more specific and more personal. This requires adjustments, creativity and entrepreneurship. The battle for the customer will erupt in full force. “Molenaar talks about need-oriented communication in his newsletter. “You need data for that and you need to apply machine Learning to the full. Then you build a bond with customers and loyalty is also experienced as a two-way. The time of stamps, seals, discounts or whatever has to be lost against reliability, trust and targeted personal communication. So this means; back to the drawing board and delve into what customers really want and adjust the business model accordingly. “

In a story about video trends on FW I read this passage: “After a tough year (and of course we are not over yet) most people are not waiting for hard sales videos and perfect pictures. We look for stories that connect. Real people. Videos that show what it really is like. So look up those stories in 2021. Don’t make videos with perfect people and a hard sales pitch, just make the connection. Be real. “

I also came across this at FW: “Future of work: culture is the holy grail. There is no doubt that 2021 will spur a huge need for digital innovation. This will lead to a high demand for digital talent and the need to get new talent on board. While the continuing trend of hybrid working (part on-site, part remote) allows teams to tap into talent pools around the world, the challenge will be to bring this talent together and build truly collaborative teams. “

“So what makes creative, innovative teams effective? In addition to having all the required skills on board what really makes the band swing are shared cultural customs. Think of common daily behaviors that enable team members to discover new possibilities and work together towards a common goal. “

2021 will be an interesting year. I’m excited. I hope that in the coming months I will be completely surprised in my mailbox with exciting initiatives from the innovators of our time.


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