Horecava program announced online on February 1

‘Because there is so much, that at times you just have to choose’, according to Carlijn Groen-Wijnmalen (photo), Food Group Director of the ‘Horecava Limited’ in 2021. She will open the digital event on 1 February at 09:45 am on the Horecava Website. This will be preceded by the (also digital) traditional food marketing breakfast, the ‘Marketing Breakfast Club’.

What are the sessions that she thinks you shouldn’t miss?

Stage: Het Podium

This is the main stage of Horecava Limited. On this independent stage, various sessions provide insights into the market, trends and opportunities. Well-known and high-profile faces from the market sit at the table here and we hand out several awards.

As said at 09:45 am the opening with the announcement of nominees #heartfordehoreca by Carlijn Groen-Wijnmalen, Director Food Horecava. I am opening this special edition of Horecava. I also announce the nominees for the #hartvoordehoreca action. Together with Rober Willemsen (KHN) I present current facts and figures from the industry. Thereafter…

Marketing Breakfast Club:
In collaboration with Foodservice XS, Lukas Vlaar presents the Marketing Breakfast Club for the third time at Horecava. With this year’s theme Meaningful Marketing. ‘This is the knowledge session that you should not miss as a food service marketeer.’

The Horecawereld Turns On:
Three sessions with other topics. Entrepreneurs, CEOs and pioneers from the industry sit around the table. They delve deeper into the future prospects of the hospitality industry and changing consumer behavior. The Horecawereld Draait Door is hosted by Charles van Goch (HotelloTOP international) and Stephanie van Oorschot (HotelloTOP Netherlands) and is a collaboration between HotelloTOP and Horecava.

Trend reports from Entrance Magazine:
Entree Magazine takes you in 2 different sessions into current and future trends that you can respond to.

Robotization vs personnel and competence:
SVH sits at the table to share their knowledge in this area. How do you deal with this as an entrepreneur and what can or cannot be taken over to relieve the workforce or save costs? Etienne de Jager, co – owner of Hajé restaurants, is sitting at the table for the first time to share his vision on efficiency, automation and the importance of consistent quality within his family business.

Foodservice Award ceremony for best foodservice company

Hotello of the Year Award ceremony: Which of the three nominated hotelloes will be Hotello of the year in 2021? Gijs Hendrikx, Ilona van Rooij and Juliette Zwaan have already left more than 50 nominees behind. Which of these three will be the ultimate winner? You can see that on 1 February during Horecava Limited streamed on Het Podium.

Stage: The Tastings

During the live tasting sessions it is possible to participate in a virtual tasting via the Horecava tasting app. Although, virtually? You will receive the products in a tasting box in advance. So you can really taste, smell and experience it! Such as the Vegan Tasting and the Coca Cola tasting. During the time slot of the tasting you have chosen, you play the tasting game. You will get to know the new products, discover surprising flavor combinations and get more information. These interactive tastings almost give you the “real Horecava” feeling.

De Tasting: interactive tastings

Find out how to get to know products from Royal Bliss, Ardo, Nestlé Professional and more here.

Stage: The Expert

At the Expert you will find various knowledge sessions on relevant issues from the industry. Here solutions and new services or products are presented. Something that you as a catering entrepreneur, chef or manager can do something with now or in the future. This masterclass of 20 minutes in total is bombs of information, each with its own theme. Not to be missed if you want to learn more about the market and possibilities.

Stage: The Start-up

On this stage, start-ups and scale-ups literally present their elevator pitch. In this short presentation they show their new product or service. These start-ups have moved with the current market and are able to respond quickly. Or have arisen during the Corona measures. A part not to be missed if you are curious about innovations.

Internship: The Knowledge Desk

At the Knowledge Desk you can ask any questions you have at the moment. Professionals are available all day to help you. Think of entrepreneurial questions, training questions and Covid-related questions. Submit your problem to the Knowledge Desk and you will be helped with a solution.

Stage: The Trainer

Follow a mini course at De Trainer, get information about specific courses or masterclasses for the hospitality industry, immerse yourself in your field and receive specific tutorials. You will also find master classes on mindset, happiness and personal and business development here. Expand your knowledge right now.

Stage: The Business

This is the place where companies present themselves and their products and services. Here you will find suppliers from food to design and from cash register systems to drinks. You can also find and select thousands of products.

Stage: The Lobby

‘De Lobby’ is the place where you can always go during the digital event. ‘Think of a lobby, but then digitally.’ Maarten Wessels discusses the program from De Lobby and waits for you when you come back in between sessions. There are also several speakers before or after their session with Maarten on the couch. The central point at Horecava Limited without a fixed program.


More info, other program points and registration: CLICK HERE

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