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FintechThe 100 billion fintech: Cash app is looking for a European team

The new clothing brand in the Cash app.PR

Large banks are currently feverishly looking for takeover targets, in billion deals they have taken over fintechs and tech companies – but a streaming service is hardly on their wish list. It’s different with Square founder Jack Dorsey, who negotiated the purchase of Tidal a few weeks ago. Dorsey is said to have met several times with the rapper and Tidal owner Jay-Z, as reported by Bloomberg.

The potential acquisition illustrates well how Dorsey is building a brand that has little to do with the image of traditional financial brands. At the end of 2020 he started his own clothing line for his Cash App. Sweaters in his company’s style can be bought from $ 60.

Meanwhile, Square has not only managed to create a cool image with the Cash App – the payment company is currently experiencing a real high. On the stock market, investors value it at more than $ 100 billion (17 billion more than in our last report at the end of November). And the signs were increasing that Square is soon looking for the way to Europe. A few days ago, the company advertised the position of an experienced “European Operations Manager” who will be responsible for the expansion of the Cash App in Europe.

What does the company intend to do – and where are the difficulties for the fintech star? You can read that today on Finance Forward, the finance portal of and OMR. You can register for the daily newsletter here.


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