CureVac share: something could happen here! – Chart analysis

Yesterday, the CureVac share on the NASDAQ started again on the 50-day line – and as on Monday, the break attempt failed because of the moving average. After a daily high of 87.50 dollars, CureVac’s share price yesterday was able to save a daily gain of 1.06 percent to 86.00 dollars on the basis of the closing price on the NASDAQ. But that should not hide the fact that the shares of the Tübingen biotech company did not get an important buy signal yesterday: The breakout of the recent downward movement from the all-time high of 151.80 dollars at the end of 2020 reached 79.10 dollars.

A technical chart support around 79/80 dollars would, as outlined last, the basis for the movement, which is still on the table as an option despite the renewed failure of yesterday Tuesday. However, the buy signal should come in the short term, otherwise the slight recovery trend of the last few days threatens to tip into a downward trend again. In this bearish scenario with the slide below the EMA 50 confirmed by pullback, the pressure on the nearby technical chart support areas could increase significantly.

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