When you are a millionaire and why you don’t notice it

I.I’d love to be a millionaire, sang the princes 30 years ago. Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? G√ľnther Jauch has been asking for 21 years. But who is actually a millionaire? Some of those affected do not even notice it themselves. It is only easy for those who see at least a seven-digit number on the credit side when looking at the account (and do not forget to deduct current loans from it).

This is also relatively easy to see if the account statement shows a value in the millions. The wealth reports in the financial sector mostly refer to this data from the Bundesbank. The Boston Consulting Group showed around 400,000 millionaires in the latest report. However, the value fluctuates with the stock exchanges. Anyone who was a millionaire a year ago thanks to Wirecard shares can already be a poor sausage today. Many of the greatest fortunes in the world are also measured in corporate values. They can be fleeting, see Schickedanz, Braun or Schlecker.

If we add real estate to the custody accounts and accounts, the number of millionaires increases rapidly. Credit Suisse lists almost 1.5 million people in its latest World Wealth Report for Germany. The numbers are fraught with enormous uncertainty. Because what is a property worth? If that’s what you want to find out in your case, only sales will help. However, this is an impractical way of determining assets if you don’t want to move anyway. That is also the reason that is used against a wealth tax: the complex determination of assets such as real estate. Rough estimates have to be used. So you might be a millionaire after all!

We didn’t have one important aspect yet: income. Even beyond the income millionaires, this has lapped itself over the years. If you extrapolate, you can at least feel like a millionaire to be. The bill is best for retirees, with often above-average and reliable inflows. But they always don’t want to know anything about the wealth statistics they see at the top.

And if you are not (yet) a millionaire, there is no reason to worry. Happiness research confirms again and again that happiness and wealth are not closely related, sometimes money even brings bad luck and that life satisfaction is largely fed by other sources.

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