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Single-person households: so many people live alone

Living alone is the rule in Germany. The Federal Statistical Office recorded around 17.6 million single-person households in 2019. This made them “the most common type of household in Germany, even ahead of two-person households (13.8 million),” as the authority announced in November 2020. The trend is clearly towards living alone: ​​”The proportion of single-person households increased from 34 percent to 42 percent between 1991 and 2019.”

People living alone in Germany

Here are some facts about people living alone in Germany:

  • Among the almost 8.5 million men living alone, the largest group (38 percent) was between 20 and 39 years old.
  • With around nine million women, however, the 60 to 79 year olds formed the largest age group (34 percent)
  • About half of the people in single-person households are single (8.9 million), 4.2 million are widowed, 3.3 million are divorced and 1.1 million are married but separated.
  • 42 percent of those living alone were in large cities with more than 100,000 inhabitants.

People living alone are particularly isolated in the hard lockdown. On the other hand, the risk of infection may be lower for them and they usually have more living space.

Most people in these federal states live alone.

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