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As announced after a partnership between paxful and the music group Sauti Sol, a live will take place tonight. Ray Youssef will be accompanied by well-known music stars in East Africa. As you already know, bitcoin (BTC) will be in the spotlight.


Sauti Sol invests in bitcoin

The P2P exchange platform Paxful recently concluded an agreement with Sauti Sol. Indeed, the primary goal of the partnership would be tobring the musical group to play a role in the popularization ofu bitcoin.

Without giving further details, a representative of the group pointed out that the goal is to introduce bitcoin to more Kenyans alongside Paxful.

“They are pioneers in the crypto industry in Kenya. With Sauti Sol on board, we hope to introduce kenyans to the wonders of bitcoin and take adoption to the next level ”.

Paxful and the Crypto Queen is expected to be featured in “My Everything”. This is a recent song by Sauti Sol for which the music video is imminent.


The marriage between paxful and the group is planning other events (of which we do not know the content) in addition to the live scheduled for tonight at 8 p.m. (UTC +3)

Crypto influencers in Africa are musicians

If the US has 50 cents, theAfrica also has its music stars who get into bitcoin. It wasn’t that long ago that davido joined bitsika, a payment application that integrates bitcoin. Since his involvement, The platform’s user base grew 95%, from 4,000 to 95,500 in just a few months.

Davido surrounded by the bitsika team
Davido surrounded by the bitsika team

This is both surprising and understandable. Indeed, it is not rocket science to have such results when you are accompanied by a person followed by more than 8 million people on twitter. We’ll save you the trouble of taking a look at platforms like instagram and youtube.


Everything seems so clear, the popularization of bitcoin in Africa will not pass the geeks and talkers. Crypto players seem to get it. They can have a hard time despite partnerships with marketing agencies, but a little smile to a popular local guy can be a game-changer.

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