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crypto predictions 2021

Raoul Pal takes out his crystal ball. He sees it as DeFi which occupies an important place in the cryptosphere, CBDCs which are changing the economy. May the Crystal Balls of 2021 be better than those of 2020 which did not see this microscopic problem that has successfully crippled the global economy.


DeFi stumbles, falls and gets up

The former head of Goldman Sachs, from now on CEO of Global Macro Investor and Bitcoin (BTC) bull, Raoul Pal, shared his crypto predictions for 2021.

During an interview with Nathaniel Whittemore, Pal talked about the Challenge, the sector that has experienced the most significant development in 2020.

Despite the many failures in the Challenge and scams related to ICO which have shaken confidence in the sector, Pal believes that the Challenge will remain a major part of the crypto ecosystem this year.

According to him, many projects Challenge will experience setbacks, which is quite normal in an emerging sector.

The experiments carried out are used to build the basic infrastructure of the Challenge. Pal argues that the most important thing is to determine the actual use cases of tokens Challenge.

Towards a behavioral economy

Pal also shared his opinion on CBDC. He indicated that these will become revolutionary financial instruments for the coming years.

According to him, crypto players underestimate the importance of CBDC and prefer to ignore the growing involvement of governments in digital currencies.

Pal is convinced that with the CBDC, central banks are seeking to change the rules of the economy towards a “behavioral economy”.

For him, this is an advantage for Bitcoin who will have the infrastructure on-ramp and off-ramp which should facilitate its use.


Otherwise, Pal complimented the accuracy of the S2F stating that as of yet no one has been able to disprove the model and his predictions have been shown to be correct.

Is any prediction good to say? How many will dare to bet on the death or on the contrary on the resilience of Ripple (XRP) mired in legal problems following the SEC complaint? Will the Covid-19 get the better of the fiats in 2021 with too many total confinement in the countries of the North? Will DeFi find a way to plug all the gaps? With a Bitcoin of 100,000 USD at the end of 2021, PlanB will be able to open a clairvoyance cabinet for cryptophiles.


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