Moderna share and the COVID-19 vaccine: Today everything will be decided

A look at the current share prices for the Moderna share on the European trading venues shows: Investors seem confident that the US biotech company will receive positive news for its COVID-19 vaccine from the European Medicines Agency (EMA). On Monday, the agency postponed a decision until today, which caused astonishment on the stock exchange. There were probably – not known – open questions to be explained with Moderna. Investors still expect the EMA to recommend emergency approval for the vaccine. Formally, the approval can only be issued by the EU Commission, which is likely to adhere to the EMA recommendation – we recently saw the procedure at BioNTechs and Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine, which is now in use and being administered.

On the US stock exchange NASDAQ, the Moderna share did a little harder yesterday evening than this morning in European trading. Despite an intermittent price increase at the beginning of trading to $ 114.98 and thus beyond the 50-day line, the biotech value was unable to stabilize above this moving average. That was resistance for Moderna’s share price in the five trading days before. There was also a false breakout on December 30th, which was even more pronounced with a daily high of $ 118.94 and a closing price of $ 111.13. Gestures, Moderna’s share price ended NASDAQ trading at $ 109.18, down 2.28 percent and around $ 2 above the daily low.

If there is a positive recommendation from the EMA for Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine, it will also be interesting in terms of chart technology. Nothing has changed in the key signal markers. Looking up: The resistance level between 114.86 / 115.00 dollars and 116.25 dollars, which could not be decisively attacked yesterday, will probably remain the trend-setting for the Moderna share. In addition, the daily high of December 30, 2020 at $ 118.94 and the zone at $ 122.72 / $ 123.00 should be noted as potential resistance levels in the chart of the Moderna share. It remains to be seen how much positive EMA news can have. Or whether this is already “priced in” because everyone is expecting positive news today anyway.


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