KHN: ‘Open the catering industry as soon as possible after lockdown’

That is why KHN calls on the cabinet to come up with an economic reopening plan for the affected sectors as soon as possible. In addition, according to the interest club, there must be more clarity as soon as possible when it comes to quick tests and ventilation options, so that entrepreneurs know where they stand. KHN argues for a stronger support package for the period when entrepreneurship in the entire sector is not 100 percent possible.

Vaccination plan must go hand in hand with reopening plan
The situation within the industry has been critical for some time. KHN is therefore of the opinion that as soon as easing is implemented, catering entrepreneurs should be the first to be given space to do business again. KHN is supported in this by VNO-NCW, MKB-Nederland and INretail. ‘After all, both the hospitality industry and retail belong in the street scene and make a crucial contribution to the quality of life in the city. The success of the vaccination campaign will help determine how quickly measures can be relaxed and the economy revived. However, at the moment there is no perspective. KHN is therefore arguing for the government – in line with the vaccination plan – to come up with an economic reopening plan, in which the affected sectors will again make room for economic activities. And all this in a responsible manner ‘, says KHN chairman Robèr Willemsen,’ KHN believes that KHN’s smart measures plan presented earlier can open up the catering industry in a responsible manner. After the many suggestions from KHN, it is now really time for the cabinet to tackle this together with the industry. ‘

On falling over
That the catering industry can open in a responsible manner is confirmed in the report of the Crisislab. From that report – in which questions from KHN about the effectiveness of the corona measures are answered by professors from Radboud University – it appears in any case that no restrictions are needed outside. According to KHN, a responsible opening of the catering industry should be possible with ‘targeted extra measures’ that are included in the existing catering protocol. ‘Preferably as soon as possible. But in any case, the catering industry can open up responsibly if the current lockdown is relaxed. ‘

Clarity about quick tests and ventilation options as soon as possible
There is a lot of talk about the role of rapid tests and ventilation solutions when it comes to relaxation of the measures. As far as KHN is concerned, it is of national importance that the government takes the lead in this and, together with the trade organizations MKB-Nederland and VNO-NCW, provides more clarity as soon as possible; not only for the catering industry, but for all locations where people come together. Entrepreneurs can then decide whether and which investments they want to make.

Firm support package necessary to fully reopen affected sectors
At the beginning of December 2020, the government announced that the intended phasing-out of the support measures will in any case be canceled for Q1. The TVL has also improved. However, large parts of the catering industry will soon be closed for at least six months and clubs and discotheques have not been open at all since 15 March. Even with the welcome and necessary adjustments to the support package, 20 to 40 percent of the wage costs and fixed allowances remain at the expense of catering entrepreneurs. In addition, starters still cannot claim anything. An impossible situation, especially now that it is expected that it will take at least months before we get close to the old normal. That is why, according to KHN, a structural further improvement of the support package is necessary.
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About KHN
‘KHN (Koninklijke Horeca Nederland) is the largest catering trade association in our country. With more than 230 departments throughout the Netherlands, we represent more than 20,000 catering entrepreneurs with about 255,000 catering employees. We stand for a professional and future-proof catering industry. We support our members through lobbying, advice and financial member benefits. This is how KHN gives the catering industry power. More info: ‘

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