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Dry January is the increasingly popular trend to make conscious choices when it comes to drinking alcohol during the month of January. With Try January Hooghoudt calls on people to become acquainted with the fast-growing non-alcoholic beverage segment. In the campaign, Hooghoudt’s own Zero Zero 24 naturally plays the leading role as the perfect non-alcoholic alternative for Gin & Tonic enthusiasts.

There is a clear trend in which people live more consciously and want to vary more. As a result, people are increasingly opting for non-alcoholic drinks. Hooghoudt has been passionate about flavors for more than 130 years and believes that you can also have a fantastic moment of enjoyment without alcohol. The core of Try January is the invitation to the consumer to let go of prejudices and discover how delicious a non-alcoholic alternative to the G&T can be. Hooghoudt is responding to this fast-growing market with the introduction of Zero Zero 24, one of the first homegrown non-alcoholic spirits. The campaign uses broad media and everything is supported by the hashtag #TryJanuary.

Martijn Keesmaat, marketing director of Hooghoudt says: ‘We have used our many years of experience as a seasoning to translate an iconic recipe from 1914 into a non-alcoholic variant of our time. Just like with our alcoholic products, 100% natural fruit and botanicals are distilled. We repeat this process until very concentrated and high-quality flavors are created. Compare it with eau de parfum: You only need very little for a big effect. The result is a good and above all very tasty drink, specially developed to make a non-alcoholic G&T. ‘

Arno Donkersloot, CEO of Hooghoudt says: ‘With this campaign we want to show the Dutch consumer that our Zero Zero 24 is a perfect alternative to enjoy a high-quality spirit, but without the alcohol. In addition, as one of the last independent family distilleries in the Netherlands, we also want to show how diverse and innovative you can be with the non-alcoholic beverage category. ‘

About Hooghoudt
Hooghoudt is the unruly Dutch independent family distillery that has been redefining the genever category for over a century. Hooghoudt’s innovative approach to creating raw and tender spirits puts it at the forefront of the gin revival. Four generations of ‘non-conformist traditionalists’ have created a series of gins destined to become the drink for the next roaring twenties.’

(source: Hooghoudt)


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