CureVac share missed new buy signal: That went unpleasantly wrong … – Chart analysis

On the NASDAQ, the CureVac share failed yesterday’s first attempt to get the biotech stock out of the downward movement of the past few days. As a reminder: After the breathtaking rally in the Tübingen company’s share from $ 43 in September to $ 151.80 on December 9, massive profit-taking began, which made investors more and more insecure on the stock market and ultimately led to a downward movement in CureVac shares up to $ 79.10. In the past few days, however, the paper has stabilized around 79.10 / 80.93 dollars.

This could lay the foundation for an upward countermovement – we pointed this out yesterday. However, CureVacs shares could not hold a breakout over the first stronger technical chart hurdles at 84.95 / 86.70 dollars. After a daily high of $ 87.55, the biotech stock was “only” $ 85.10 from trading on NASDAQ.


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