[Uitslag poll] RetailRadar: will Easter retail moment become bigger than ever?

The outcome of the responses is 64% ‘No’ and 36% ‘Yes’. The additional comments reveal a few more interesting scenarios.

‘In the additional comment, it is striking that many participants report that Easter is too early this year and that the time is still too uncertain in terms of weather,’ explains Ernst-Jan Smids of initiator Jump Retail and RetailRadar to. ‘Much is expected from King’s Day, the May holidays and Pentecost.’

Easter may be a great success
In the responses of the respondents, it can also be seen that the penny for Easter can fall in the ‘right’ direction if:
1. The next press conference of PM Mark Rutte sheds some light;
2. The number of infections is decreasing;
3. The vaccination is going well;
4. The spring sun in March 2021 is already doing its job well.
(PvWK, source: RetailRadar, photo: Anastasia Shuraeva / Pexels)

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