“Qualitative content is a requirement to distinguish yourself in the digital market”

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What is the importance of good content and what does the future of content marketing look like? “Content is the foundation of the entire digital strategy. For example, through targeted content you will be found better within the search engine and you can advertise more effectively. With the right content in the right place, you can even help the visitor to better navigate their customer journey. “

“When I started here in 2018, the emphasis was not on the versatility with which you can use content. For example, texts were written with SEO in mind, but we were not yet concerned with matters such as the intention of the text and its relevance to the reader. In other words, the level could be boosted a bit, “says Demi Zoetendaal, Neerlandica and head of content Blauwe Monsters. “In fact, over time the emphasis has increasingly shifted to content and especially its quality. At first the content was purely aimed at better findability in the search engine. Today, content is used more widely to support the entire digital strategy as effectively as possible.

Online written content has several forms and functions, ranging from SEO, landing pages, brochures and content to improve the user-friendliness of a product or service to blogs, newsletters, content for social media, white papers and even e-books. We write all those kinds of texts with our team. “

Jules van Dongen, sales of Blauwe Monsters: “The immediate reason was a need for high-quality content, which is only increasing; in this regard we have noticed a strong development in the online market. On the one hand, this is driven by the fact that online competition is increasing and content is something with which you can distinguish yourself from another party. On the other hand, this demand is driven by the emergence and development of channels in which you can operate as a company.

For e-commerce parties, for example, the content on their own website is increasingly becoming the foundation for marketplaces such as Bol and Marktplaats. In this way you create individuality towards the consumer. In the business to business market, the online channel is also being taken more seriously and increasingly seen as a replacement for the large number of account managers and sales employees; the value of good online findability is increasingly understood and good content is indispensable for lead generation. With the right content, as just outlined by Demi, you can convince visitors. You can create a complete, qualitative story. Good content in combination with SEO therefore contributes to a profitable long-term strategy. “

The art

Taking into account the branding, or the overarching communication strategy of a customer, the content approach of Blauwe Monsters consists primarily of a market analysis. This often quickly shows what the search intention of the intended target group is. This is combined with a content analysis. The results of both form the basis for the texts on the website, knowledge base, content calendar and so on – depending on the wishes of the customer and the experiences and advice of Blauwe Monsters.

But what is “good” content? Britt Hillaert, content marketer and as such a member of the Blue Monsters content team: “That is partly subjective, because it is also about taste. That is why we pay extra attention to linguistic elements such as sentence construction, variation in sentence length, structure and alternation of signal words such as “but”, “moreover”, “on the contrary”. This allows us to create texts that are easy to read. In addition, we try to avoid clichés such as “the largest range” or “this unique product”, unless the customer wishes otherwise. When we talk about good content, we are more likely to talk about qualitative and relevant content for the visitor. In order to be able to write for and about customers in the first place, we first gather a lot of knowledge and really immerse ourselves in them. “

Chris Verhoef, content marketer and also a member of the Blauwe Monsters content team: “I’ll give an example. We have a customer who facilitates the creation of video content and setting up webinars – such as software and hardware for educational institutions or healthcare institutions that want to inform and coach employees from a distance. Logically, they want to be easy to find in the digital world at this time, but how do you make such “dry” information accessible? Then you have to listen very carefully, read in and often interview a number of people to get a grip on the matter. That is quite substantive and you can learn a lot from it. I have previously worked in a newsroom and there you basically do the same thing: present complicated topics as attractively as possible in order to reach the largest possible audience. That’s the trick. “

A view on the future

Verhoef is already providing a first step towards the vision of Blauwe Monsters in general and Zoetendaal in particular on content and the importance of the background of the team members. For example, Verhoef studied communication science, in the direction of marketing, at the VU Amsterdam and Hillaert did an HBO business education with content marketing as a major. And both had an above average interest in writing and journalism.

Zoetendaal: “We expected this growth, because more and more written content is needed, it’s that simple. A growing number of companies are placing large writing jobs at agencies instead of hiring people themselves, because it is specialist work. Previously, online marketers also thought that nobody really read the texts and that it (therefore) only cost money. But with the right content in the right place, you can really build authority and – in a negative sense – can damage your reputation if it’s not in order. That’s why the background of the team is so important. You should not only be able to write “fun”, you should also be able to combine writing with the digital strategy. “Finally, how do Zoetendaal, Hillaert and Verhoef view the future of content marketing and online copy? Verhoef: “I expect that growth will only continue. But in order to stand out and to be and remain distinctive, the quality will have to improve. You can already see this through the rise of the number of whitepapers that companies share. As a result, it will really be a race in the future to see who will stand out. “Hillaert:” Consumers are also becoming increasingly demanding, curious and resourceful in finding information. As a result, you will ultimately have to provide proactive answers. “

Zoetendaal: “I see the future of content marketing as a combination of all types of content – on the landing page, on the blog page, on social media platforms, et cetera. In other words, throughout the entire customer journey and via all channels. You already notice this due to the enormous rise of video and audio content. Every phase, every place will need its own content and it must be better than that of the competition. And, of course, they fit into a clear, accurate “total story” – because consumers quickly poke through commercial talk. “

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