Moderna share has chances to reverse the trend: These brands are decisive – chart analysis

After the recent significant losses in the price of COVID-19 vaccine stocks such as the Moderna share, possible upward trend reversals are imminent. In the course of the course at Moderna, a technical chart support zone around 101.77 / 103.20 dollars could form a basis, the upper areas of which were tested by the Moderna share with daily lows at 102.66 dollars and 103.26 dollars . The support was not in danger, especially since further support around 98.43 / 98.65 dollars and above 93.30 dollars are in the vicinity and additionally strengthen the zone.

However, the biotech share could not set the decisive upward accents in the last two trading days on the NASDAQ. Instead, the EMA50 proved to be a resistance zone on both days that could not be overcome. The daily highs were traded at $ 113.55 and $ 113.63. A technical signal zone also plays a role here: The resistance level between $ 114.86 / $ 115.00 and $ 116.25, which could not be decisively attacked. In addition, the daily high of December 30, 2020 at $ 118.94 and the zone at $ 122.72 / $ 123.00 should be noted as potential resistance levels on the Moderna share.

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