Meyer Burger: Support from Saxony-Anhalt

At the end of 2020, Meyer Burger in Germany will receive two positive donation notices. The state of Saxony-Anhalt and the Federal Republic of Germany are granting environmental protection aid of up to 15 million euros for a project in Thalheim. A production of heterojunction solar cells (HJT) is to be set up there. According to an expert report by Fraunhofer, production with the help of this HJT technology should bring significant benefits for the environment.

There is also a further grant of 7.5 million euros for the Thalheim facility to improve the regional economic structure.

If additional financial aid is used, this total support can be reduced by 22.5 million euros. This is related to EU law.

The grants are no surprise, Meyer Burger had expected it and planned it accordingly.

Production is to start in the new plant in the second quarter. Initially the production capacity is 0.8 GW, it is to be expanded to 1.4 GW.


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