German equities expected little change

S.atz with X. After everything looked rosy on Monday afternoon and the German standard stock index Dax had reached a new record high in the course of the course, only a wafer-thin increase of just 0.06 percent remained in the end.

This was due to a weaker start on Wall Street, which had looked pretty good before the stock market started and new record highs were initially predicted. But the S & P-500 was only six minutes in the plus.

And since forecasts are often made in the rearview mirror, the German stock market is not expected to change much on Tuesday. The pre-market X-Dax is around half an hour before the start of trading at 13,726 points and thus just at the previous day’s closing level, just like the forward rates on the S & P-500.

German retail sales are giving a little boost. Experts had predicted a drop of two percent for November, in fact it was a plus of this amount. Despite the corona crisis, the retail sector increased sales in 2020 more strongly than ever since 1994, by an estimated 5.3 percent, as the Federal Statistical Office estimated on Tuesday. Adjusted for price, there was also an increase of 4.1 percent.

Also on the schedule is the barometer of mood among purchasing managers in the United States manufacturing sector. Here analysts predict a slight decline to 56.6 points for December. But if that forecast is as accurate as the one for German retail sales in November, that doesn’t mean much.

The by-election for the Senate is causing uncertainty. “Recently, the probability has increased that the Democrats will win both seats, which means that they would have a majority in the Senate after the House of Representatives,” said Commerzbank analyst Daniel Briesemann. ‚ÄúThis would be the planned expansionary fiscal policy of the newly elected President Joe Biden

By the way, Bitcoin was trading at just under $ 31,000 on Tuesday morning. The price of the crypto had fallen from a high of $ 33,655 to $ 28,019 on Monday, then rose again to $ 32,163 and stopped recovering with the weak opening of Wall Street – which again speaks against the fact that the Bitcoin price of is independent of the development of the securities markets.


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