Encavis: Success in Spain

Encavis has brought a major project online in Spain. This is the Talayuela solar park. This is the largest solar park in the Encavis portfolio. The park was completed on time. The park has a capacity of around 300 MWp.

In addition to Talayuela, the “La Cabrera” solar park is also part of the Encavis portfolio in Spain. This has a generation capacity of 200 MWp.

The two parks have a clear impact on Encavis’ numbers. CFO Christoph Husmann: “From the two Spanish solar parks alone, we are generating additional subsidy-free sales of more than 36 million euros and an additional EBITDA of more than 27 million euros in the current year.”

Dierk Paskert, CEO of Encavis, sees further potential: “In the future, as in Spain and in many other European countries, we will benefit greatly from the growing market for long-term private electricity purchase agreements – the so-called PPAs (Power Purchase Agreements).”


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