Elon Musk now lets his cars fart instead of honking

Elon Musk is never at a loss for a curious idea. His latest trick: Tesla owners can personalize the tones of their horn – not always appetizing.

Many a Tesla driver received a creative present for Christmas. Over the holidays, the electric car manufacturer installed a software update that allows the horn to be changed.

In the so-called boombox mode, newer Tesla models should be able to play sounds such as applause, goats or the melody of “La Cucaracha” instead of the classic warning signal. Even a proper fart is programmed, as Musk announced on Twitter.

And if all of this is not enough for you, you can get creative yourself and upload up to five additional sounds of your own. The boombox mode can also be used in the classic way – and play songs loudly when the car is parked.

The update is already well received by some Tesla drivers. A video on Twitter shows how someone tests the tones one after the other – and supposedly hardly gets away from them. Because the whole thing is commented on with: “Thank you, I now spend more time in my car than with my family.”


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