Albert Heijn football card savings campaign is home game in 2021

New this year is that customers can create their own picture in the AH Voetbal App. Due to the tightened measures that still apply, the supermarket is calling for safe, that is, at home, to save this year. The new TV commercial features football player Matthijs de Ligt from the Dutch national team.

Albert Heijn customers receive four football pictures for every 10 euros, both in the store and with online orders. The album in which the pictures can be collected has a new vertical format and there is an extra: a poster of the Orange men and the Orange Lionesses. A short biography and / or fact is included in the album with each picture. Children learn everything about their football heroes. The album is available separately for 1.49 euros. In the AH Voetbal App you can also save digitally by scanning all pictures. New in the app is the picture studio, where customers can create their own picture. For 2.49 euros, customers receive a sticker booklet with 15 personalized pictures in their letterbox at home. The savings campaign lasts until Sunday 7 February.

Save safely
Albert Heijn calls on all customers to ‘save safely’, that is to say at home. All pictures can be taken home with their groceries, where children are excited to see if that one picture is included. And at home or in the street you can exchange with neighborhood children or friends. Since all measures are still in place, no exchange days will be organized this year and it is not allowed to ask the shop for pictures. This will also be communicated in all stores under the motto: be sporty and save at home. In addition, there is a collection of furniture in the form of the players’ bus in each shop. Customers can submit pictures here. Each store chooses its own local destination to indicate the submitted images, for example a football club, community center or school.

TVC with Matthijs de Ligt
Footballer Matthijs de Ligt from the Dutch national team plays a major role in the new TV commercial around the football pictures. See the window below. In the commercial, made with agency TBWA Neboko, you can see how supermarket manager Ilse sends a package full of tasty Dutch groceries to Matthijs, since he now plays football at Juventus and misses the Dutch products. Matthijs is very happy, but misses the football pictures. Ilse accidentally forgot that …

Partner KNVB
Albert Heijn is a supporter of footballing Netherlands and has been one of the partners of the KNVB for the Dutch national team and the Oranje Leeuwinnen since 2019, the retailer finally reports. ‘The supermarket chain also works together with the KNVB in the field of healthy eating and exercise. There is a lot of synergy between the football association and Albert Heijn. Football is the biggest sport in the Netherlands. Like the KNVB, Albert Heijn is at the heart of society. Both are committed to a healthy, sporty and strong future for everyone. ‘


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