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Skybridge capital buying Bitcoin

The Grayscale Bitcoin (BTC) Trust will feel less lonely with the launch of SkyBridge’s new BTC fund. Brochure, sales texts, testimonials from the big names in finance: SkyBridge turns into a BTC salesperson.


SkyBridge soars to new skies with Bitcoin

The investment company ofAnthony scaramucci, SkyBridge, would have invested nearly $ 182 million in Bitcoin according to a brochure presented to the clients of the firm.

According to official documents filed with the SEC on December 21, 2020, SkyBridge, which would have 9.3 billion assets under management, would prepare for the launch of a fund Bitcoin. The Bitcoin Fund LP is expected to be available on January 4, 2021 and is said to already have $ 25 million.

SkyBridge thus follows in the footsteps of many traditional investment companies who have chosen to integrate Bitcoin in their wallet.

Bitcoin dubbed by Wall Street

The brochure presents Bitcoin like the new digital gold, with characteristics that make it superior to physical gold.

Bitcoin is described as an emerging asset class that has presented a lower level of risk in recent years with attractive supply and demand dynamics.


The excessive use of money printing and falling interest rates, increase investor interest in scarce assets like gold, real estate, art and Bitcoin.

One page of the brochure tries to sell the “legitimacy” of Bitcoin with the big names of Wall Street, with quotes from CEO of BlackRock, Citibank and JPMorgan.

Scaramucci had indicated in an interview that the important point for an investor was to determine whether Bitcoin was or was not a store of value.

After researching the money supply and overall coordination between central banks, SkyBridge concluded that Bitcoin will be an important asset class over the next decade.


Do you need to sell Bitcoin or does Bitcoin sell itself without the need for a marketing plan and sales team from an investment firm? Bitcoin broke the $ 34,000 mark on January 3, 2020, more than enough as a pre-launch ad for SkyBridge’s BTC fund. All eyes are on the 6 digits, but Bitcoin actually has another big date ahead of the $ 100,000. What will Peter Schiff say when he exceeds the price of a kilo of gold which is not very far, with bulls that took barely 2 weeks to run the $ 10,000 separating the $ 20,000 from the $ 30,000? ?


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