Eyemaxx: New investment

Eyemaxx participates in Innovative Building Technologies (IBT). Participation should be decisive. Further information will not be given. There are also no comments on the financial aspects.

IBT is active in the field of concrete cladding. The shell consists of mold-free CSP wood fiber cement composite panels. The corresponding components are mainly produced in the IBT plant in Boizenburg (Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania). They are delivered to the construction sites on time. This reduces the need for personnel and ensures a higher construction speed. Accordingly, there are time and cost savings in the projects.

With this conceptual construction, Eyemaxx wants to build large-volume residential complexes in Germany and Austria. COO Kurt Rusam: “With the sustainable IBT concept building method, we have an innovative and competitive technology that enables even faster construction of large-scale residential projects. We will continue to expand our strategic market positioning in large-volume residential construction and strengthen our profitability. “


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