CureVac share: is the turning point coming now? – Chart analysis

Not only the BioNTech share was under significant pressure after a new all-time high in December 2020, but also the CureVac share. On December 9th, the newcomer to the US technology exchange NASDAQ hit the all-time high at $ 151.80. The previous hype was hard to believe and ended in what had to come: profit-taking. After the rally from $ 46.50 at the beginning of November to $ 151.80 on December 9, the last time it fell to $ 79.10, which the CureVac share reached on the NASDAQ on New Year’s Eve. The new year started with $ 81.07.

As with the BioNTech share, the CureVac share price could now also show a downward exaggeration, as shown by the price slump in December. Noticeable: The chart of the CureVac share showed a stabilization around 79/81 dollars in the last few trading days. This is not entirely surprising, because in the course of the stock market novice’s chart technical support is around 79.21 / 79.93 dollars, the zone stretches to 75.20 / 75.95 dollars. The fact that the current indications in the US preliminary exchange for the CureVac share are positive fits into the picture.


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