Coca-Cola launches Open To Better campaign

According to brand, this is a campaign that encourages everyone to reflect on personal intentions of positivity, friendliness and good intentions for a bright future. For this campaign, the brand temporarily replaces the iconic logo on the front of the packaging and makes this space available to record personal ambitions and good intentions. In addition to the availability of ‘Open to Better’ packaging, with intentions such as ‘This year I’m going to help others’ and ‘I will never take you for granted again’, from 4 January 2021 consumers can also use the ‘Open to Better’ platform have a personalized can developed for yourself or to give to someone else.

Open To Better
“Open To Better” means being open to the things we can do better. Coca-Cola has replaced the iconic logo on the packaging with 25 inspiring New Year’s resolutions. The special packaging encourages not only to think about what can be improved, to ask for help where possible and to make promises to loved ones, but above all to approach 2021 with an open mind. With the good intentions on the packaging, each of which carries a positive message, Coca-Cola hopes to motivate everyone to not only make these good intentions but also to share them with friends and family.

Coca-Cola Marketing Manager Margreet van Staalduijnen: ‘Coca-Cola has been committed to bringing people together worldwide for over 130 years. In response to the current situation, we launched the “Open to Better” campaign. With this campaign, we show how the world has changed and we show extra appreciation for things that we might previously have taken for granted. We use the strength and visibility of our packaging to spread hope and positivity. ‘

Design a personalized Coca-Cola can
Via the new “Open to Better” platform, consumers can order a can with their own personal intention. The tin acts as a canvas for personal New Year’s resolutions, which can then be sent to yourself or directly to a loved one. To make the message or promise even more personal, consumers can also have their own name (“from …”) and the name of the recipient (“to …”) printed on the can.

To encourage the making of New Year’s resolutions, Coca-Cola collaborated with people from all over Europe who share their inspiring resolutions and stories with us in a series of short film portraits. These short films – which can be seen on – show a number of cheerful and authentic personal stories such as the story of Bella, who learned to play the piano from her grandfather. Bella promises in her video never to take duets with her grandfather for granted again.

“Open to Better” campaign

The campaign consists of the following components:

* Packaging: The Coca-Cola packaging in 500ml PET, 330ml can, 250ml can, 1.5L PET and multipacks shrinks (original taste and zero sugar) are provided with a thematic ‘Open to Better’ look and have already arrived in week 51 from 2020.
* (D) OOH, social, display: In addition to the packaging and on the shop floor, the campaign will be shown in the street and online with a media campaign aimed at personal good intentions.
* Online platform: On the “Open to Better” platform, consumers can put together a can with personal good intentions, order it and have it delivered at home.
* Influencers: In the Netherlands, Coca-Cola collaborates with influencers such as Bram Krikke, Ruba Zai and Rocky Hehakaija who will share their personal good intentions through their social media channels and motivate their followers to do the same.
* Shop floor activation: In the retail channel, this launch is activated with “Open to Better” displays and a theme square activation where consumers are motivated to share their personal intentions through postcards.


About Coca-Cola in the Netherlands
“Coca-Cola” consists of several companies in the Netherlands. Coca-Cola Netherlands is part of The Coca-Cola Company group. The Coca-Cola Company and its subsidiaries own the brands. They are responsible for consumer marketing and the basic concentrate for the drinks that are sold to Coca-Cola European Partners Netherlands. Coca-Cola European Partners Netherlands produces, distributes and / or sells Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola zero, Coca-Cola light, Coca-Cola energy, Fanta, Sprite, Aquarius, Minute Maid, Chaudfontaine, Monster *, Fernandes *, Capri -Sun *, Fuze Tea, Royal Bliss and Topo Chico. (Brands marked with a * are brands that do not belong to The Coca-Cola Company group.)
These brands together account for more than seven million drinks per day in the Netherlands. Coca-Cola is constantly optimizing its portfolio, from reducing sugar in its drinks to introducing new innovative products. In addition, they work to reduce the impact on the environment by replenishing water and promoting recycling. Coca-Cola Netherlands and Coca-Cola European Partners have more than 725 employees in the Netherlands, divided over two locations. For more information about Coca-Cola’s activities in the Netherlands, please visit: ‘

(source: Coca-Cola)


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