C-square: new participation

C-Quadrat drives international expansion. It has a 9.83 percent stake in Accuro Group Holding. This is an independent financial group that deals with services related to investment funds. You design, set up, manage and sell such funds. You follow the UCITS guidelines of the EU and have an AIFM license in Liechtenstein. Accuro was founded in 1992 and is based in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Financial details regarding the participation are not disclosed.

Alexander Schütz, CEO of C-Quadrat, on the new partnership: “With this participation, the C-Quadrat Investment Group can significantly expand its regional competence in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, add some exciting themed funds to the distribution and the product portfolio with services in the fund area -Expand administration. ”

Roger Zulliger, President of Accuro, adds: “We are convinced that together we can significantly expand our market position in Switzerland.”


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