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Should we expect an avalanche of position changes towards Bitcoin (BTC) in 2021? BlackRock in turn seems to want to dive into cryptocurrency. The company is reportedly seeking the skills to develop its crypto offerings.


A concrete blockchain profile

BlackRock is reportedly looking for an executive blockchain manager, whose role is to develop a strategy to stimulate demand for the company’s crypto products.

BlackRock Bitcoin BTC cryptocurrency

This ad suggests that BlackRock, which is said to have $ 6.840 billion in assets under its management, is said to be poised to expand into the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry.

The announcement specifies that applicants will need to have a year’s experience in blockchain, with knowledge of cryptographic hash functions, distributed network consensus mechanisms, and public and private key cryptography.

Bitcoin blacklisted

Although the job posting does not mention the type of blockchain products that would be the responsibility of the new recruit, it is likely that BlackRock is positioned to meet the growing demand from institutional investors for cryptocurrencies.

In April 2020, Forbes suggested that many customers from BlackRock were moving their holdings from the company’s long-term investment products to the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust Fund.

Initially skeptical about Bitcoin, several senior managers of BlackRock subsequently commented positively on the BTC and cryptocurrencies in general.

The CEO of BlackRock, Larry fink, indicated that Bitcoin had captured the attention and imagination of many.


Rick rock stated that not only Bitcoin was there to establish itself for the long haul, but it could also take the place of gold, to a large extent.

Bitcoin crossed the USD 32,000 mark on January 2, 2021: we could not ask for more in terms of advertising for the oldest of cryptos and cryptocurrencies in general at the beginning of the year 2021. Bitcoin barely took 2 weeks to spend $ 20,000 to $ 30,000. As it continues its path towards $ 100,000, BTC is putting more and more pressure on traditional investors who would continue to keep their distance from the crypto markets. An entry of BlackRock into the bitcoinsphere would further strengthen the stone foundations leading Bitcoin towards 6 digits. They’ve laughed at BTC in the past, but who will laugh last?

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