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Joe Biden surrounds himself with a Bitcoin (BTC) pessimist

Bitcoin (BTC) hit a new ATH today, January 3, 2021. BTC climbed above $ 34,000. Bitcoin now enjoys media advertising without paying for it; he “is content” to continue on his way, quickly crossing symbolic levels. The risk of BTC falling below $ 20,000 now seems remote. Bitcoin will kick off next week, with an event that could benefit the bulls.


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The day of the highest

Bitcoin crossed $ 34,000 today at 5:12 UTC on Bitstamp. The price of BTC hit a new ATH above $ 34,700. TheEther (ETH) also exceeded $ 800 for the first time since May 2018.

The BTC however lost the 34,000 USD and the 33,000 USD; it is trading at $ 32,752 at the time of writing. The $ 35,000 is the next token level for the BTC.

The sharp rise in Bitcoin in recent days has raised the 5-day moving average of the BTC above USD 30,420.

The parabolic rises of Bitcoin attract the attention of traditional media and social media.

The TIE tweeted on January 3, 2021, indicating that the number of unique accounts on Twitter tweeting about Bitcoin, hit a new ATH of 66,832, surpassing the previous all-time high of 64,652 on December 27, 2017.

The consolidation of 20,000 USD, a fund for a pump

Should we still fear the 19,500 USD and more generally, a fall below 20,000 USD? The 5-month moving average is now close to $ 21,200, an indicator that may suggest a solid climb above $ 20,000.


The planned launch of the fund BTC of SkyBridge tomorrow, January 4, 2021, will he give another shot of the pump to Bitcoin ?

The more optimistic could bet on a Bitcoin at $ 40,000 by Friday. The TGV BTC is launched at full speed and no one knows for the moment its final destination. The bulls move more and more into unfamiliar territory, without staying in one area for long while they get used to the place. With media backing, BTC is expected to benefit from the massive entry of new retail investors. Is it bad for those in the Biden administration who want to bury Bitcoin?


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