BioNTech share: first bull market, then panic – exaggerations go on both sides

The second half of December was a single disappointment for many BioNTech share investors. From an all-time high of $ 131 on December 11th, biotech stocks fell to $ 80.55, which was quoted on New Year’s Eve. At $ 81.52, BioNTech’s share price on NASDAQ finally started the new year.

The steep downward trend in an environment of generally good news about the COVID-19 vaccine BNT162b2 from BioNTech and Pfizer has left a lot of uncertainty among stock marketers, which can be read on Twitter, among others. In this context, one must not forget the performance of the BioNTech share from the months before. The year 2019 had ended the share on the NASDAQ at 33.88 dollars, in October 2019 the share price was 13 dollars. There wasn’t a pandemic yet, but at a share price of $ 131, some of the news about the COVID-19 vaccine was simply included in the price. Early in December, we pointed out the dangers of possible profit-taking from BioNTech shares – and it was justified, as has been shown.


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