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BeerThese are the European countries with the most breweries

How diverse Europe is can also be seen in beer. Not only national, but also regional preferences and peculiarities are reflected here. In the meantime, the favorite beer may even come from the neighborhood. More and more founders are turning their love of niche beer into a business idea. The number of microbreweries and small and medium-sized enterprises in the industry has led to a boom in Europe in recent years. In 2019, the industry association Brewers of Europe celebrated the 10,000. Brewery on the continent.

Brewing boom in Europe

In some countries, the number of industry representatives has increased fivefold in less than a decade. Especially less traditionally strong beer nations stand out here in terms of growth. Germany, on the other hand, cannot quite keep up with the trend at a high level.

These are the European countries with the most breweries:


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