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Everyone is entitled to a second chance and the cryptosphere has taken this expression literally. A Chainlink (LINK) user inadvertently sends $ 50,000 in LINK to an Aavegotchi contract. His punishment for this “stupidity”: a gift of 11,000 USD from the community.


Transaction error: the gift of second chance

A user of Chainlink who had mistakenly sent 50,000 USD in tokens LINK to a contract Aavegotchi, reportedly received 11,000 USD as a donation to compensate for his losses.

December 16, 2020, Dawidkabani13 posted a call for help on Twitter after mistakenly sending 4,005 LINK towards an immutable smart contract ofAavegotchi on the blockchain Ethereum (ETH).

He proposed 1000 LINK whoever could help them cancel the transaction; he even tagged the co-founder of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin.

The teamAavegotchi indicated that it may not be possible to modify the transaction technically. However, she created a donation page to help Dawid.

Dawid’s lucky star

The author of the smart contract, Nick mudge, indicated that the lost funds were probably stuck forever in the “diamond of”Ethereum “. The price of LINK fell about 2.5% when Dawid revealed his mistake.

On December 27, 2020, co-founder of Aavegotchi, Jesse johnson, said they sent around $ 11,000 from more than 200 depots, to Dawid.

This initiative would have been adopted in the spirit of Christmas to demonstrate the human side of the cryptosphere.

Johnson indicated that this was the kind of forgetfulness that can happen to anyone, hence the community’s outpouring of sympathy. He also added that most cryptophiles refuse to reveal this kind of issue, out of shame.

Unfortunately, the immutability of transactions is the source of loss of funds in many similar cases.


Some mistakes have had happy outcomes: a cryptocurrency professor at Nigeria had returned 7.8 Bitcoins (BTC) then worth approximately $ 80,000, inadvertently transferred to his wallet.

How many Dawids have there been in the cryptosphere in the past? Should future blockchains set up a “button” to cancel transactions within a predefined period? Decentralization certainly restores power – and the inherent responsibilities – to everyone but, it will never eliminate errors: errare humanum est.


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