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In the summer of 2021, the current world monetary system will be 50 years old. As history shows, this is an old age for a monetary system. Therefore, you shouldn’t be too surprised if this system of globally uncovered currencies should be replaced by a new arrangement in the coming years.

50th anniversary of the bare currency system

However, this change will not take place voluntarily, and no one can already know today what the new system will look like. But one thing is certain: Governments and central banks will do everything they can to maintain their state money monopoly and to delay the decline as long as possible. Therefore the chosen path of ever higher national debt, which is financed with the money printing machine of the central banks, will be maintained.

Seize the opportunity

However, none of this need be a cause for concern, on the contrary. Because big changes always go hand in hand with big opportunities. You just have to recognize it and grasp it. I see them primarily – but not exclusively – in the precious metals and increasingly also in the raw materials sector.

Because all major monetary devaluations in modern times were caused by a sharp rise in national debt, which was financed by central banks. So exactly through what is currently happening around the world. And the best protection against inflation in the past has always been precious metal investments. You should therefore definitely invest in this area in order to be among the winners of this dubious monetary and debt policy, the voluntary end of which is not in sight.

The gold and silver bull market has plenty of room to go up

Gold, silver and numerous precious metal stocks have long been back in a bull market. Seen in the big picture, this is the second part of a very long-term upward movement that began around the turn of the millennium. And this second part promises to be much more lucrative than part 1, in which the gold price had increased almost eightfold. In relation to the current bull market, this corresponds to a rate of over $ 8,000 an ounce. So there is still a lot of room upstairs.

My indicators, especially my gold price range indicator, which I always update in the weekly update of my stock market letter Crisis-proof Investing are currently all around bullish again. The completely normal correction that began in early August is over and the gold price is on its way to new highs.

Gold price per ounce in $, momentum oscillator, 2019 to 2020

The gold price is on the way to new highs.


Another buying opportunity in 2021: the classic energy sector shows an excellent risk-reward ratio

In addition to precious metal stocks, my analyzes now also focus on the classic energy sector. After preparatory work in the November and December editions of Crisis-Safe Investing, we recently published our first thematic focus issue for the sector dedicated.

The classic energy sector shows all the signs that are characteristic of the end phase of a long, severe bear market or the beginning of a new strong bull market. In contrast to the extremely overvalued general stock markets, you will find an excellent risk-reward ratio here, similar to precious metal stocks. Find out more now so that you don’t miss the time to get started.

Mining stocks remain the first choice

Precious metal stocks are still extremely lucrative. From a fundamental point of view, numerous gold and silver mining stocks are valued very cheaply. Profits are bubbling up, and a further rise in the price of gold will reinforce this very positive development.

From a technical point of view, some of the mining stocks I prefer are giving very clear buy signals that point to high price gains. Don’t let these opportunities slip by. You can read about these stocks in my stock market letter Crisis-proof investing – now 30 days free of charge.

I wish you a nice weekend and a happy new year,


Claus Vogt, Editor-in-Chief of Crisis-Safe Investing

P.S .: Don’t miss the great opportunities presented by the silver bull market. I also recommend selected silver mines to add to the depot.

P.P.S .: If you want to get through this crisis week after week, please ask for the free Claus Vogt market commentary today here easily with your email at.

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