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The raw material prices have made a forgiving farewell to the old year. The signs to build on this in the new year are extremely good.

Of course, raw materials companies such as Adventus Mining Corporation also benefit from this.

Dear Readers,

First of all, we wish you a happy, healthy, satisfied and successful New Year! For the precious and basic metal explorer Adventus Mining (ISIN: CA00791E1025 / TSX-V: ADZN) The New Year seems to be a transformative one that could bring high profits to shareholders! This is already indicated by the ‘news bomb’ from December 30th, 2020!

We presented this promising explorer to you on December 12th, 2020 under the heading: “Adventus Mining: The Ecuador Connection strikes again“Before (Link). We already pointed out in our imagination the potential that we suspect in the Ecuadorian project. And that seems to be already manifesting itself with the drilling results that were presented on December 30th, 2020 while most market participants were on vacation. In the truest sense of the word, Adventus burst a ‘news bomb’!

The results of the ‘infill’ drilling with 45% copper equivalent (CuEq) over 4.22 meters Within the ‘El Domo’ deposit, the partners Adventus and Salazar are almost equivalent to an accolade! Nobody could have guessed such results in advance! Specifically, the well delivered CURI-344 over 6.14 meters 14.91% copper, 21.02 g / t gold, 10.39% zinc, 255.3 grams per tonne silver and 0.75% lead or 37.48% CuEq., including the above 4.22 meters which comprised 19.11% copper, 24.36 grams per tonne gold, 10.93% zinc, 309.5 g / t silver and 0.83% lead consist!

However, that is by no means all, as Adventus and Salazar presented additional high-grade drilling results from the 21,537 hectare ‘Curipamba’ project in central Ecuador.

More tip drill holes are CURI-343 grading 4.34 meters grading 1.13% copper, 7.16 g / t gold, 9.72% zinc, 495.7 g / t silver and 2.59% lead for 15.90% CuEq., including 3.32 meters grading 0.90% copper, 8.78 g / t gold, 11.94% zinc, 626.0 g / t silver and 3.33% lead for 19.25% copper equivalent. The drill hole CURI-342 was also strong as a bear in the 1.90 meters of 3.04% copper, 16.41 g / t gold, 17.94% zinc, 181.2 g / t silver and 2.23% lead 24.41% CuEq was measured.

Source: Adventus Mining

And the news flow should still continue, as more drilling is in progress and results from the research laboratory are still pending.

Further borehole details at a glance!

Borehole CURI-342 intersected a narrow section of high grade copper and gold bearing massive sulphide mineralization to depths of 95.60 to 97.50 meters grading 3.04% copper, 16.41 g / t gold, 17.94% zinc, 181.2 g / t silver and 2.23% lead for 24.41% CuEq.

Stratigraphically below the massive sulphide there is a well mineralized rockic autobreccia in the bedrock that is at a depth of 97.50 to 107.50 meters was cut and a salary of 0.49% copper, 0.26 g / t gold, 0.41% zinc, 9.6 g / t silver and 0.05% lead for 0.95% CuEq. This includes higher grade mineralization at a depth of 97.50 to 99.50 meters With 1.26% copper, 0.61 g / t gold, 1.18% zinc, 24.1 g / t silver and 0.17% lead for 2.44% CuEq.

Source: Adventus Mining

CURI-343 intersected well mineralized fine grain volcanic tuff in the hanging wall of massive sulfide mineralization at a depth of 99.38 to 101.90 meter with a content of 0.84% ​​copper, 1.92 g / t gold, 2.67% zinc, 37.0 g / t silver and 0.10% lead (3.67% CuEq). The massive sulphide mineralization was from 101.90 to 103.40 meters with a content of 2.45% copper, 9.09 g / t gold, 12.01% zinc, 211.7 g / t silver and 1.96% lead (16.38% CuEq) intersected. Higher grade underlying mineralization was observed from to a depth of 101.90 to 102.50 Meters with a held of 4.68% copper, 21.30 g / t gold, 28.11% zinc, 491.0 g / t silver and 4.79% lead (37.30% CuEq) intersected.

Source: Adventus Mining

CURI-344 Intersects a well mineralized grain stone in the hanging wall of massive sulfide mineralization from 57.32 to 62.26 meters with a content of 5.60% copper, 8.99 g / t gold, 4.02% zinc, 151.0 g / t silver and 0.56% lead (15.60% CuEq). The high grade massive sulphide mineralization was from 62.26 to 68.40 meters with a content of 14.91% copper, 21.02 g / t gold, 10.39% zinc, 255.3 g / t silver and 0.75% lead (37.48% CuEq) intersected. A higher grade mineralization was found in the area of 62.26 to 66.48 meters hit in the a salary of 19.11% copper, 24.36 g / t gold, 10.93% zinc, 309.5 g / t silver and 0.83% lead (45.00% CuEq) were intersected. At the base of the high grade massive sulphide there is a narrow one Intercept of semi-massive sulphide mineralization from 68.40 to 70.12 meters with a content of 0.31% copper, 0.81 g / t gold, 3.11% zinc, 9.0 g / t silver and 0.01% lead (2.14% CuEq).

Beneath the massive sulphide of the CURI-344 hole is a well mineralized rockic autobreccia in the bedrock that ranges from 70.12 to 80.13 meters was cut and a salary of 0.61% copper, 0.74 g / t gold, 0.27% zinc, 4.1 g / t silver and 0.01% lead (1.31% CuEq). This includes a higher grade intercept in the areas of 72.93 and 75.89 meters grading 1.81% copper, 1.53 g / t gold, 0.83% zinc, 7.9 g / t silver and 0.01% lead (3.36% CuEq).

Source: Adventus Mining

Such results are, of course, excellent prerequisites for the update of the mineral resource estimate for the El Domo deposit due to be presented this year. The ‘infill’ drilling work on the ‘El Domo’ project is currently ongoing with two diamond drilling rigs, further results of which could be presented shortly! Fifteen ‘infill’ definition wells have already been successfully completed!


With its selectively acquired project portfolio and its entrepreneurial approach, Adventus is able to benefit to the maximum from the strong fundamentals of the metal bull market, which in turn generates high ‘shareholder value’. With an investment in Adventus Mining, you get a first class exploration and development company with a clear focus on the best copper-gold projects in Ecuador. Due to the aggressive exploration policy, some catalysts and new milestones can be expected in the near future.

Apparently, various brokerage houses and analysts who ‘cover’ Adventus already know that, including well-known ones such as Cormark Securities, Haywood Securities, National Bank of Canada, Raymond James and Laurentian Bank.

According to our information, the share price, which has so far been weak, is due to a fund that had to exit the company. These pieces should now be accepted by the market, so that this selling pressure should be off the share.


The first analysts have already set price targets of CAD 2.50 for Adventus (ISIN: CA00791E1025 / TSX-V: ADZN), currently CAD 0.93 !!! In our opinion, this is absolutely realistic.

The drilling results show that Adventus’ share price still has massive ‘upside’ potential. The company is financially well equipped and with Salazar Resources one of the best partners you can have in Ecuador! So there is actually not much in the way of the development of the next polymetalline mine in Ecuador.

Best regards and maximum success with your investments!

Your JS Research Team

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