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The dollar kneeling in front of Bitcoin (BTC): a beautiful drawing in the economic and financial press, illustrating the victory of BTC over the fiats. Grayscale, MicroStrategy and other institutional investors are working to turn this drawing into reality by buying massive Bitcoins which are currently trading at over $ 29,000. Some investors, wealthy entrepreneurs, like Mark Cuban, have made gratuitous and baseless attacks on BTC one of their favorite pastimes. Bitcoin, however, does not need a lawyer to defend its case, or a copywriter to sell it and gradually change the minds of its most fervent detractors.


Banana: Cuban smiles at BTC?

Billionaire Mark Cuban, longtime detractor of Bitcoin, seems poised to revise its position according to a series of tweets posted during the Christmas period.

December 23, 2020, Cuban offered 25% discount for purchases in Bitcoin of products derived from Dallas maverick.

The link attached by Cuban in the tweet instead mentioned a 25 USD gift card – and not a discount – for purchases of products over 150 USD in BTC.

Mark Cuban Bitcoin BTC Mavs

Source : Image via Twitter

Regardless, some view the turnaround with skepticism. A little earlier in the year, Cuban had reiterated its position on Bitcoin indicating that a banana offered more value than the BTC as a commodity – yes men descend from monkeys.

Cuban however admitted that Bitcoin was a store of value, similar to gold.


Shall we give him a club card?

In another tweet from December 28, 2020, Cuban offered advice to SOEs, citing Bitcoin for reference.

According to him, these companies should follow the latter’s example and refrain from issuing more shares that diluted the value of existing shares.

The value of these securities would increase significantly. This comment would place him in the list of many critics of Bitcoin running out of arguments in 2020.

The bitcoinsphere must nevertheless remain cautious, before considering Cuban like one of them.

The billionaire does not hide his contempt for the religious fanaticism of some hodlers who seem to be impatiently awaiting the realization of an apocalyptic scenario.


“Before I was a detractor of Bitcoin, but that was before”: a mea culpa that will make many opponents of BTC when it reaches 6 digits, while fiats have suffered from high inflation?


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