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Before the 12 strokes of midnight strike the end of 2020, you will be disowned 11 times “: Ripple (XRP) has many” stones “in its apostles – although the 12 strokes of midnight may also make one think of Cinderella. It’s Bittrex’s turn to de-list XRP from its trading pairs. The $ 1.3 billion raised by the company is melting in the sun with the significant drops in the price of XRP.


XRP chased by Bittrex

Bittrex is the last exchange to have warned that it would stop trading by XRP after Coinbase, OKCoin, Beaxy, Galaxy digital, B2C2, Bitstamp, Jump Trading, Bitwise, CrossTower and OSL.

December 30, 2020, Bittrex announced that the markets in XRP would be removed from the platform from January 15, 2021. Users will nevertheless be able to access their wallets XRP until further notice.

Any subsequent changes will be communicated on Twitter or through User Support. The market capitalization of XRP has fallen 66% since the SEC charges against Ripple have been made public.

For the moment, the XRP is always available on Kraken and Binance.

The dangers of blur

The SEC accuses Ripple for raising funds through the sale of unregistered securities since 2013. This campaign is said to have raised the company $ 1.3 billion.

Ripple Labs continues to deny his accusations and believes the SEC introduces an element of uncertainty that could harm the entire crypto community.

Founded in 2014 at Washington, Bittrex offers trading pairs from XRP with Bitcoin (BTC), theEther (ETH), Tether (USDT) and theUSD.


The financial authorities ofNew York State recently rejected the exchange’s request for a license due to the vagueness of the user verification system and anti-money laundering measures.

Who from Kraken and Binance will be Jean to follow Ripple until his death in the United States? The exchanges that let him go from the start of his legal woes will obviously benefit from his resurrection in another country like Japan. In the meantime, Ripple is having dark days. He can no longer count only on his fans: because in truth, I tell you … Well, we stop the biblical allusions.


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