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Bitcoin (BTC) was less than $ 400 of the $ 30,000 today, January 1, 2021. BTC has 365 days to obtain their 6-digit club membership card. The rules of the game remain unchanged, with the same important players still influencing the price of Bitcoin.


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Tesla is a better bet that bitcoin?

Bitcoin opens the year above $ 29,000. According to data from CoinMarketCap, the BTC reached $ 29,629, a new ATH at the start of 2021. The BTC is trading at $ 29,075 at the time of writing.

Peter Schiff issued a tweet yesterday, December 31, 2020, where he admits that the price of Bitcoin was multiplied by 4 in 2020, while gold recorded a growth of only 24% over the same period. However, there is no question of admitting the defeat of gold for Schiff.

He added that You’re here saw its value multiplied by 7 so, for those who love betting, the baby ofElon musk was a better option.

The question remains as to the sustainability of the bullish rally that started in October 2020.

Bitcoin will he be able to sustainably defend the relatively high levels on his supposed road to 100,000 USD?

The starting players in 2021

The year 2021 begins with vaccination campaigns against covid-19 recently launched in Europe and to United States.

The various plans to stimulate the economy started in 2020 should also continue in 2021.

Continuity of support from institutional investors to Bitcoin will depend in particular on the actual or expected devaluation of the dollar.

These exogenous factors will weigh heavily in the balance for the price of the pair BTC / USD.


Hopes of an explosion in the adoption rate of Bitcoin rest on the shoulders of PayPal as it dives a little deeper into the cryptosphere.

The bulls narrowly missed the $ 30,000. Will this 1st weekend of the year see this symbolic level being exceeded? 2021 could be the year for converting BTC haters into investors. Peter Schiff is still defending his golden baby although the performance of both assets shows Bitcoin’s clear victory over gold. The Chinese Year of the Ox will begin on February 12, 2021, with the Metal Ox as the face. BTC’s Year of the Bulls seems to have already started.


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