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RankingThe tallest buildings under construction in the world

Skyscrapers are status symbols, but they have to pay off for the builder. At astronomical land prices – for example in Manhattan – it is only natural to build as high as possible to maximize profit. However, extremely tall buildings have their own challenges and costs. In addition to the statics, this includes the simple question: How do people get to the 150th floor? On the one hand, penthouse residents shouldn’t have a half-hour “journey”, on the other hand, elevator shafts take up a lot of valuable space.

The corona crisis has again brought the sense or nonsense of mega skyscrapers into focus. In China, on the other hand, a construction boom has broken out, which reflects the economic upswing in the world’s most populous country. The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat, a Chicago-based non-profit organization, maintains a database of the tallest buildings currently under construction. 18 of the 25 leaders are therefore in China.

So we widened our view and looked at which other countries are still building skyscrapers over 350 meters. These are the tallest buildings currently being built.


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