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RankingGoogle: The top ten search terms in 2020

Reliable results on Google search were more vital than ever in 2020. At the same time, it has seldom been so difficult to distinguish fact from controversial information, truth from propaganda, common sense from stupid conspiracy theory. The coronavirus has of course dominated Google search 2020 worldwide. From Egypt to the United Kingdom – Covid-19 topped the annual charts in most countries.

Google annual charts 2020

But there were also exceptions. In Vietnam, for example, the wonderfully normal question “How will the weather be tomorrow?” Dominated the search queries. In Australia, where Covid-19 was far less devastating, the US presidential election was number one before Corona. The charts show how much the fear of and the fight against Corona united the world in 2020. The most searched terms also underline how different preferences fortunately still are (cricket?) – and who was apparently already on the decline (Trump).

These were the top search terms on Google worldwide and in Germany in 2020.


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