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Dear readers, 2020 is drawing to a close. It has been a year rich in both emotions and events. Whether you have been following us since our beginnings or recently, we would like to thank you and reassure you. Yes, to reassure you because at Cryptocurrencies we promise you from our side a new year by your side even more spectacular, even more glorious. How? ‘Or’ What ? With the implementation of our V2 of course! Video interviews, new formats, several freebie games … you won’t know where to turn! It was in this capacity that two weeks earlier we had welcomed Jeremy Bendayan, historic founder of Cryptocurrencies. Today we welcome Frédéric Bonelli, his worthy successor as CEO of TCT:

A CEO with several hats

Since february 2020, Frédéric Bonelli is the CEO of Cryptocurrencies, but you can imagine, no one comes to the head of France’s leading blockchain media without a solid background in the press and finance. On that side, I think you won’t be surprised to learn that Frédéric, if he’s in the cryptocurrencies since 2015, is involved in the has been financing for nearly ten years. To put it simply, if you have a finance sector you can think of, Frederic has already touched on it. Trading is not an activity that he gave up, this one manager for 2 years, in parallel with TCT SpinCrypto, a private investment fund. The world of entrepreneurship is also no stranger to him, with Mr Bonelli having managed and spent nearly 9 years in the world of startups as CTO, CEO or Business Angel on nearly 7 projects, related to finance, digital, press and retail.

Obviously we are not here in a film or in an origin story worthy of the largest American companies. Some of these projects were successful, others were failures. But the good thing about reality is that it doesn’t lie, and then what’s the point of hiding its past in such a transparent area as blockchain?

Regarding writing and the journalistic world, here too we are entitled to a fairly broad course. A big fan of motorcycles and cars, Frédéric is involved in writing since 1994 in this sector. He was then involved in several other media as creator and editor-in-chief until he ended up at Forbes or when he didn’t talk about his favorite blockchain projects, writes articles on the theme of the 4th industrial revolution as defined by Klaus Schwab. 4th revolution which includes among others the blockchain and active cryptos! If the name of Klaus Schwab don’t talk to you, just keep in mind that this is a engineer and economist, known to have founded a small meeting held annually in Davos, Switzerland. The world economic forum does that remind you of something ? Well, this is the gentleman who started it. So blockchain is the spearhead of this new industrial revolution … to those who had doubted it, it is never too late to repent or even train yourself. But how to train in this complex sector?

Are you interested in a crypto MBA?

In addition to having received an ACPM-OJD journalistic gold star, (the equivalent of the Oscars for print media) as Managing Editor of ADDX magazine which had posted the strongest increase in number sales that year. And this for all press magazines combined, excuse us for the little… Frédéric has also written a book.

Finally, I do not know if book is the term that best suits the book because its structure is so particular. With nearly 300 fully illustrated pages, this one is designed as a real blockchain MBA. After reading this you will be able to understand and explain many concepts so specific to our industry without fear. However, the sine qua non for this reading will be master english. If this is not your case, fear not, you still have our articles exclusively in French, although …

Cryptocurrencies, our next global adventure with you

And yes you know it, but the V2 of our site is coming soon. You’ve been waiting for it for a while and so have we, but what do you expect, perfectionism is, it seems, one of the worst flaws. Whether you are a discerning reader or an aficionado of the video format, you will be served. With new languages ​​that will beEnglish, Spanish and Russian and new blockchain formats and areas covered you will, if you are not already, become expert on the blockchain!

Each man hides in him a child who wants to play.

Friedrich nietzsche

It’s not because we are professionalizing that we cannot play, on the contrary. But I won’t tell you more and let Frédéric tell you a little more about his general vision for TCT:


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