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Recently, many players have launched credit cards to use their cryptocurrency for everyday purchases. We often think of Binance, or even Coinbase, but today we are going to talk about the first 100% French player in this crypto-payments ecosystem. The interview starts now !


Tell us a bit about yourself!

With great pleasure, I introduce myself: Sébastien Estines. I just took charge the cryptocurrency / Blockchain branch within society Global POS for a little over two months now. I have a dedicated business development background, in fact I have been at the head of two companies focused on service. Then I continued as sales director of different companies, then being a partner in a digital start-up, and finally ended up at Global POS. GPOS aims to democratize and launch a solution around the cryptocurrency and some blockchain.

How did you get into the blockchain ecosystem?

It all started with Stephane Djiane, the CEO of Global POS who is an old acquaintance. I had the chance to collaborate with Global POS and Stéphane Djiane during my previous professional experiences which led me to Better know GPOS and its solutions. Having been adopted from Montpellier for almost 18 years, I have always wanted and had the possibility of working with Stéphane. With the cryptocurrency and blokchain branch of GPOS launched, someone needed to run it. Stéphane then offered me this position that I couldn’t refuse. On the one hand, because I have been around him for years and it has always gone very well. On the other hand, because it is a sector that once we take an interest in it, opens the way to understanding issues underlying this technology. Indeed, the Blockchain, backed by cryptocurrency, represents the future, whether it be at the level of payments or in the evolution of future businesses.

You were telling us about GPOS, but what is it?

GPOS is a company that now has 16 years old, therefore which is very far from being a start-up even on the historical side. Despite everything, we often react like a start-up in terms agility and responsiveness. To be very broad, GPOS is a company whose business is software publishing. They matter three branches :

A first, historical branch which deals with checkout solutions for merchants, the solution IRIS. Today she gathers 3,500 local traders, pizzerias, hairdressers, florists, etc. The solution ofcollection is here first function by GPOS.

A second branch which is more recent but already market leader after 7 years. Her name is Easy2Play, it’s a platform omnichannel prepaid.

So what is prepaid?

That’s all that is gift, gift card and E-Gift Card, so this solution today allows dematerialization gift vouchers, and then acceptance and the edition gift cards. But also acceptance also everything new ways payment, we are talking about Lydia, LyfPay, ANCV, Illicado and many others. So from there this solution is kind of Omnichannel HUB around prepaid and new payment methods. She is adopted by about now 62 stores, including JouéClub, Maison du Monde, Decathlon, Courir etc.

Based on this observation, when we start to have a company that speaks to 62 national brands, more to a network of traders spread all over the country. It made total sense to be interested in blockchain and cryptocurrency. This is what Stéphane has been doing for now two years, to be able to come up with a new solution within GPOS called EasyWallet.

It is coming out on the stores this month, and it will allow cryptocurrency carriers to pay in points of sale and on websites. Easy Wallet is simply an extension of GPOS’s business. Indeed, when we are a leader in the payment ecosystem in France, it was totally logical to offer a solution around cryptocurrency.


Tell us more about Easy Wallet?

First of all, you have to understand that a wallet is an electronic wallet. I like this term “wallet” because it represents a new payment logic as well as the credit card. Easy wallet, is the first solution 100% French which from a free downloaded application will allow its users to pay in cryptocurrency. Today we are offering to pay in Bitcoin or Tezos but we are already looking into the implementation of other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum. Easy wallet is actually an alternative to payment whether online or at the merchant. It allows you to consume your cryptocurrency in everyday life. All this for the purpose of democratization to make it obvious its use cases and make it accessible to everyone.

How can we use it?

Let’s take a very concrete example:

  1. I am with my easywallet application.
  2. I arrive at a merchant.
  3. I open my application, I enter the amount of the transaction. For example, if I want to buy a pair of tennis shoes from Courir for 75 euros. I put the amount in my application who then goes generate a QR code and below a short code.
  4. It suffices then to stretch the QR code to the merchant for let him scan it.
  5. I was then debited with the amount in Bitcoin or Tezos.
  6. The trader receives a transfer of 75 euros in FIAT.

The transaction was made in instantaneous and the trader did not bear any transaction fees. The fees are payable by the wearer of cryptocurrency which will vary between 1.5% and 3%. ” For payments on websites the process is very similar, the only difference is that the user will use shortcode and enter it on the site in question.

I wonder what tools should the merchant get to accept payments with easy wallet?

It does not need any special installation. All he has to do is download the application Easy business wallet which is nothing other than a QR code reader and a history of all transactions carried out. In the event that he cannot bring a tablet or a phone. It is then totally possible for us tointegrate into your checkout solution Easy wallet. In any case, this does not require technical investments.

A trader therefore takes no risk to accept the Easy wallet solution. On the contrary, it can even open up a new market, indeed the French population counts between 3 and 5 million carriers of cryptocurrencies.

To assure growth opportunities merchants using easy wallet. We added in the application a geolocated interactive map so that the users can easily locate around him traders accepting cryptocurrency.

What is the vision for easy wallet in our ecosystem?

The real positioning for us would be to be the solution that allows us to democratize and of to prove that cryptocurrency has nothing “naughty”. Ultimately, it’s a very simple way and it works.


Secondly, it would be change behavior to the point where pay with your wallet be as natural as stake out his credit card.

Easywallet therefore aims to become the application that tomorrow will allow cryptocurrencies to become more democratic as a means of payment. In a phase where foreign players in cryptocurrency payments are multiplying. The emergence of a French competitor was becoming more important. At the moment crypto-payments raise many issues. In particular, we are talking about the emergence of a digital Euro in the coming years. What will be the new models and new regulations? Only time will tell, stay tuned to The Coin Tribune …


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