Lufthansa share: Investors on the stock exchange speculate on new buy signals

The last day of trading on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange for 2020 is now shortened and the Lufthansa share is fighting for a buy signal based on the chart. Yesterday it looked meanwhile as if the share price of the MDAX-listed aviation group could establish itself quite comfortably above a strong and broad resistance zone of 10.54 euros over 10.80 / 10.89 euros to 11.04 euros. Intraday, Lufthansa shares peaked at EUR 11.29 on Tuesday. But the XETRA closing price of EUR 10.96 (+5.64 percent) made this impression shaky again.

Currently, however, the bulls can maintain the buy signal. Indications for the Lufthansa share are currently at 11.12 / 11.20 euros and thus above the upper end of the broad resistance zone. There is now technical chart support for Lufthansa’s share price. A rebreak below the complete (!) Zone would be classified as a sell signal. In such a scenario, the stock could plunge back towards EUR 8.80 / EUR 8.90. Intermediate support would be expected at 10.15 / 10.28 euros and 9.89 euros and at 9.34 / 9.50 euros.


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